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Symbah went to his photo shoot and will be on a new brand of dog food that is coming out in the summer. Can't wait to see it!

Welcome to my site. Here you can find both American and English type Purebred Golden Retriever puppies, and Purebred German Shepherd pups on very rare occasions.

As you can see, the pups that we sire have well formed skulls, no hound like ears, proper bone structure and a teddy bear face without being cumbersome. We incorporate smarts with adding bonus beauty to the pups. We have athletic American temperaments with the side of English bone structure minus the weight. Our golden's jump high and don't have hereditary problems.

We also offer Dog Grooming for all breeds and small pets such as cats. More information on Grooming on Rates&Services. Thanks for visiting.

I have pick of litters occasionally available.
If you would like to acquire one of my dogs contact about what shade of Gold you would like, the shades go from Dark Red to English White. and what gender you want. The questionnaire is on the "New/Upcoming" page. Please email it to me if you are interested.
If you want to use our stud service email me on which stud you would like.
More on the "services" page. 

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What's new?

Symbah and Zoe will be bred again on March 23rd. "Aspyn" was from their last breeding and is a phenomenal dog in every which way.

Summer and Symbah produced 10 healthy pups on February 24th 2010. Pups range from very dark to light and in between. Check "new upcoming" for more information on this litter.

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Check weekly for more pictures and information.